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    Vision and Values

    Our values express what organizational, cultural and ethical references we wish to promote in managing our business and employees. We believe company values are guidelines for all its employees, and are designed to facilitate the achievement of its goals

    EEC, one of Jawad Al Kassab Group of Companies is a construction establishment with full cognizance of its responsibility to its clients. The aim of the company is to provide the best and highest quality possible services and to build edifices that will remain as cultural heritage for generations to come.

    In order to achieve this ultimate goal in every project we utilize our professional staff, strong management, advanced technology systems and our commitment to success. We take pride in being ethical and in nurturing an environment of openness in all business interactions. We respect the courage of personal conviction, and actively cultivate a spirit of inquiry and individual enterprise.

    EEC also remains dedicated to retaining its reputation as a high quality and reliable company in the future.

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